Two reasons why “Make in India” is “Make My India” and Four ways SME’s can make it happen

Two reasons why “Make in India” is “Make My India” and Three ways to make it happen

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Hello Readers, I’m Dr.InPhase again, here i bring on to our desk a important discussion on the recent make in India campaign. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Prime minister Narendra Modi’s “Make in India” campaign is a echelon call to the much needed revival of manufacturing sector in India. As a young and energetic manufacturing company InPhase truly reflects the ideology behind “Make in India”.Here are a few thoughts how we could “Make in India” campaign turns us in to the start-up nation.

Make In India

1.”Made in India” is “Made for world”

India has the most rugged test conditions, a product that is designed and developed for India meets global conditions much easily be it the rugged weather, harsh roads or fluctuating power Indian test conditions are unique and challenging. This is why GE’s through it’s reverse engineering t process makes devices for India and turns it in to a global product. At InPhase this enabled us to create products that work at high ambient temperatures and fluctuating power which means they perform much better and stable in western countries. So Make in India to Make for the world.

2. Manufacturing is a Ecosystem:

Manufacturing unlike IT service business will nurture a ecosystem. Every manufactured product requires a range of allied services like so when manufacturing and product needs like sub components, job work, distribution, channel etc. thrives it nurtures a ecosystem altogether, striking a stark contrast with IT services. Manufacturing getting better also uplifts a whole lot of other supporting business indirectly.

These are just two good reasons why “Make in India” when happening can be a big game changer than the IT revolution, coming down to a four ideas that worked for us as a SME and that could also work for others

Before kicking in it is important to clarify a huge misconception and  it is that “manufacturing is putting things together” leading to a a downside view of manufacturing. Yourstory the countries leading start-up magazine not having a single manufacturing start-up in its top 30 start-ups to watch is a indication of this claim. Here is what we think what it takes to change this culture,

1. Institutionalize R&D:

R&D has become a big misnomer in the manufacturing sector. Majority of the R&D set ups are used to run mundane customer projects rather working on what comes tomorrow. Industries lack ties with institutions,they choose to walk the time tested path of what they have been doing time to time again. Industries must deepen their ties with institution and in fact co-locate their R&D team in the institute. Innovation is about constantly being aware of what is changing around and how best you adopt to it. So the first step is to create a true R&D team that works like a institution but benefit the business.

2.Leverage IT services:

Manufacturing enterprises specially those in the SME bother a little about how IT can be a value addition. IT is not a mere thing to automate your finance or manufacturing process but can significantly by change the way you work and cut time when applied. At InPhase with simple automation like the power quality report we were able to cut down a task that took 5 man days every time to 30 minutes. This just didn’t reduce our work but also increased our throughput and capability to serve more customer.

3.Raise the quality keep the price:

Most Indian manufactures see dropping the price as the only means to win business against big giants overtime this makes requires use of sub stand quality products to keep the price lower and so declining performance. The alternate is to raise the quality while retaining the price. This really triggers the competition while keeping the business sustainable for longer run and also helps generating funds for the R&D investments.

4.Revice the startup culture:

Innovation must drive business and not just volumes. Only when innovation is a routine a organisation learns to sustain and expand. Go back to the roots of where your organisation come from,”the startup days”.Rekindle the feelings and ensure that they aren’t going away. embed it in culture.Even when you grow big its essential that you stay at heart like few people startup.

Let’s join hands to Make in India bigger success as “Make in India” will “Make My India”.

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2 thoughts on “Two reasons why “Make in India” is “Make My India” and Four ways SME’s can make it happen

  1. Archana Kapoor

    always happy to see when people believe in positivity… I am sure Make In India will be a great success if all of us start believing in it! Great post, thanks for sharing!

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks Archana for your comments. I believe Make in India will be a game changer for India in the global arena


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