How TNEB regulatory commission Tangedco determines Power Quality and harmonics

Doctor_Character-04-CompTANGEDCO the Tamilnadu regulatory commission for Electricity is the forerunner in power quality for Industries by setting a Harmonic limit and consequently a penalty for the same when exceeded. This initiative is the first in the country and many other states are sure to follow it.  Refer here on the tariff rates for Harmonics by TANGEDCO 

FLUKE the measurement meter companyof choice by TNEB for measuring Power Quality and harmonics has recently published about this in its international blog and covering how the TNEB audit is carried out. It is also worth to note that TNEB has purchased over 42 meters (Fluke 435 Series II Power Quality and Energy analyzer)  from Fluke to carry out this energy audit.

How TNEB measures / determines Power Quality and Harmonics at your site ?

Instrument to use: Instrument complying with Class A per IEC 61000-4-30

Measuring Point: At point of common coupling (PCC)

Measurement Cycle: Two operating cycles with large non-linear loads into operations; if continuous process then eight hours

Measurement Value: Ten minutes average values of THD for voltage; TDD for current and individual harmonics for voltage

Loading condition: 75 percent or higher than the last 12-month average load

Harmonic Limits: 98 percentile value needs to be less than 5 percent for voltage THD, 3 percent for individual harmonics, and 8 percent for current TDD

Fluke 435

InPhase_Doctor_Character-XrayAt InPhase we use Fluke 435 Series II Power Quality and Energy analyzer to carry out energy audits and have the tools to give you the Power Quality report in the shortest time.  It doesn’t end there but it just starts, with a whole range of Power Quality solutions in our product range like Active Harmonic Filter, STATCOM, APFC Panels, Detuned Filters, Line reactors we will give you the best and cost effective solution of choice to meet your power quality needs.

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Article originally appeared in: Fluke US Blog

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