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Dear Readers, InPhase recently participated in India’s premiere event for Power Quality “CAPCIT2014“.(You can read more about it here). This blog is to share the abstract of the paper that we presented at CAPACIT2014. If you are interested in receiving the full version of this paper please email to info[@]






Natesh Mayavel, InPhase
Panna Lal Biswas, InPhase
Thiyaneswar MS, Inphase


Consumer electronics, Data Centers, HVAC systems and a large range of industrial applications, namely power electronics based, can cause high disturbances into the supplied electricity. The disturbances comprise of harmonic current generated by such loads, and the voltage distortion created by the harmonic currents. The main problem with the harmonic currents is that, they can cause overheating in the local supply distribution transformer and in the installation itself. Indian Electric utility companies are starting to be more concerned about harmonics in the transmission and distribution network, and imposing strict harmonic limits on consumers. Active harmonic filter is a potential solution to mitigate harmonics problems. The usage of active harmonic filter is expected to increase drastically in Indian industries, to meet utility requirements. This paper discusses technology variants of Active Harmonic Filter from different aspects, and their advantages and disadvantages.

Active harmonic filter; STATCOM; Active filter technology; Power quality; Harmonic currents; Voltage distortion; Electrical installations;

InPhase Active Harmonic Filter Technology Review

InPhase Active Harmonic Filter Technology Review

1. Introduction
2. Active Harmonic Filter Principle
3. Active Harmonic Filter in Electric Network
4. Technology Review
4.1 Control System Schemes
4.2 Control Mode
4.3 Speed of Response
4.4 Unbalance in Harmonics
4.5 Power Hardware
4.6 Input passive network
4.7 STATCOM Vs Active Harmonic Filter
4.8 Networking
5.0 Conclusion

If you are a Power Quality or Active Harmonic Filter enthusiast please contact us today at info[@] to receive the full copy of this paper.

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