Dr. InPhase Edu Series – How to use Krykard ALM-32/33/35 to carry out Power Quality Study

Hello Everybody. This is Dr. InPhase!!! In this dual part series I’ve already presented How to use Fluke 434-Series II for carry out Power Quality Study. In second part I’m going to walk through on How to use Krykard ALM-33/32/35 for carrying out Power Quality Study to record and analyze various Power Quality factors like Continue Reading »

Active Harmonic Filter- Mitigation Of Harmonics in a Poor Power Quality Environment-Case Study

Hello Everybody today’s article is from our beloved Advanced Power Quality Solutions team. They have very neatly narrated how they helped a Steel Rolling mill with a unique power quality problem to extract more business benefit by cutting down their power quality problems. Interesting read don’t miss it.

Active Harmonic Filter Technology History, Evolution and Future

  Hello Readers, this article discusses the evolution of active filters as a harmonic mitigation solution and where it is getting to in the future.  INTRODUCTION With the increasing number of power electronic equipment’s in the power system, the need to maintain sinusoidal line voltages and currents have become the need of the hour. Harmonics in Continue Reading »


IEEMA the industrial association for Electrical Industries is very proactive in educating and creating awareness in the market. Today IEEMA has announced a very insightful workshop on  Power Quality and Reactive Power Compensation. Take a look at the agenda and get in touch today to be part of this excellent program. We will meet you Continue Reading »

InPhase Insight: Why minimalistic design is essential in Power Electronics

This article is about how mimimalistic design is made a philosophy at InPhase Power to achieve simple but effective solutions. This article will give you a very good idea on how the Research team at InPhase is working tireless to create beautiful Products that looks simple but functions extra-ordinary. Happy Reading.

InPhase Power Active Harmonic Filter and Load Unbalance Compensation – A Case Study

Well Good day readers, Today I bring to you a very interesting case study of how InPhase helped one of our customers to achieve Unbalance compensation. I was very impressed with our team on the effort that they have given on this as they made the customers extremely delighted. I hope you all enjoy reading Continue Reading »